Children’s Book Features an Ambitious Whistling Straits’ Fairway-Tending Sheep

“Connor the Caddie” tells the tale of a young sheep who yearns to caddie the course

 KOHLER, Wis. – In the grand scheme of things, the sheep at Whistling Straits have it pretty good: admiring crowds, an incredible view, and all the delicious Fescue grass they can eat.  But Ulrich and Christina Koberstein imagined that there might be one ambitious sheep who wanted even more, and that clever spark of an idea became the basis for their new children’s book, “Connor the Caddie.”  This limited edition book, written by Ulrich and illustrated by his wife Christina, is being published just in time for the 2015 PGA Championship, held at Whistling Straits on August 10-16.

 In the book, one of the sheep that roams Whistling Straits – young Connor – grows bored of simply munching on grass all day and dreams of becoming a caddie.  He decides to travel across the sea to link up with relatives in St Andrews, Scotland, and there he offers a golfer some advice on how to play the historic Old Course.  His words are successfully heeded and Connor realizes his dream, eventually making it back to his Wisconsin home to caddie for the PGA Championship.  The 18-scene book is cleverly structured to mimic the 18 holes found on a golf course and is full of colorful artwork depicting Connor’s adventures. 

 When not dreaming up children’s tales, Ulrich is a Cordon Bleu-trained professional chef who works as the Director of Culinary for Sargento Foods in Plymouth, Wis. Christina taught herself to paint using art books in order to illustrate the story, and the resulting acrylic paintings capture the whimsy and provincial style that define 19th Century American Folk Art.

 Both Christina and Ulrich say that it was their own children who were the inspiration for creating the book.

 “Like many parents, we would read a bedtime story to our children at the end of the day,” explained Ulrich.  “One night our son, then six years old, threw out the challenge for us to make up a story rather than just read one. My grandfather was a great story teller, and I loved hearing his creative and imaginative tales. I wondered if I had inherited any of those skills.”

 “Connor the Caddie” is proof positive that his grandfather’s knack for spinning a yarn was indeed passed down, and this book is sure to delight the golfers and the dreamers and those who are both.

 “Connor the Caddie” (Hardcover, $20) is available for purchase at Bookworm Gardens in Sheboygan, Wis., and in Kohler, Wis. at The Emporium located at The American Club Resort Hotel and at The Wisconsin Trader located at The Shops at Woodlake Kohler.

This book is supported by PGA REACH, PGA TOUR Wives Association, Bookworm Gardens, Kohler Co., PGA of American Spouses.

For more information visit www.ConnortheCaddie.com.